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Aug 22, 2023Aug 22, 2023

A cat is being dubbed "a well-behaved young man" online after sitting patiently during his first-ever flight.

The cat's "travel vlog" went viral earlier this week as the feline Timmy the Chonk flew from New York to Chicago for a PetCon event. Although this was his first time on a plane, the tabby, who has acquired star-level following online, appeared relaxed the entire time.

"That is Timmy's MO, forever chill," his owner Nilsu Yildiz, 24, told Newsweek. "He thinks he's a person and just doesn't have the tendencies to behave like a cat."

Yildiz shared the adorable video Yildiz shared to the @timmythechonk TikTok account, which has 1.3 million followers. The footage documents the 3-year-old dwarf cat's journey—from LaGuardia Airport to their joint nap time on the plane.

The clip opens with Timmy, Yildiz and her younger brother sitting on the floor in the terminal. They are surrounded by their cases and several of Timmy's things, including a portable litter tray, a bowl of kibble and his new bed, which Timmy "absolutely adores."

After chowing down on his lunch and kneading his new bed, Timmy—who is looking very dapper in a blue bowtie—settles down while they wait to board.

"He doesn't get nervous, he is just very observant. He likes looking around at his new surroundings," Yildiz said.

Timmy is very well-behaved, that is, until it's time for his nausea medication. Then the tabby puts up a fight, as it takes several hilarious attempts for Yildiz to get the pill into his mouth.

"I had the treat pockets at home and it's the one thing I forgot to pack," Yildiz said. "He's chill about many things, but stuffing a pill down his throat is not one of them."

After finally getting Timmy to take his medication, the group boards the plane, with the cat chilling in his carrier. Once they're seated, Yildiz takes Timmy out and places his bed on her knee, and the pair snoozed peacefully for the remainder of the journey.

"The pet-in-cabin fee was $125 one way so he was $250 for the trip," she said.

He may be known for his "chill" persona, but Timmy certainly travels like a diva, with Yildiz packing a travel water bowl, kibble bowl, travel water bottle jug, the portable litter box, food, toothpaste, butt ointment for when he poops, a leash and harness as well as pet wipes. Timmy's stroller also came along for the ride, checked in with the luggage.

That Saturday, July 22, the pair attended PetCon, where the celebrity feline got to greet his devoted fans. Timmy the Chonk has 1.3 million followers on TikTok and 176,000 on Instagram. PetCon is a convention that brings together pet influencers and their fans, pets and pet owners.

"It was so fun and wholesome meeting everyone who adored my chonk the way I do," said Yildiz.

Timmy's travel vlog melted hearts on TikTok, receiving 1.1 million views and over 195,000 likes.

"Such a well behaved young man," commented Babyface.

"He's just the goodest boy," agreed mo.

"I'd be so honored to fly with him," said mckenzie.

"Look at this distinguished gentleman," wrote Sage.

"If I sat next to him and his little bow tie I'd sob," said Carly.

"I love that half the vid was just u tryna give him that pill," joked antonette.

"He is so perfect," commented user1540233599650, while Rachel said she would "abandon my family and become your best friend if I saw you with your cat in the airport."

Do you have funny and adorable videos or pictures of your pet you want to share? We want to see the best ones! Send them in to [email protected] and they could appear on our site.

Do you have funny and adorable videos or pictures of your pet you want to share? We want to see the best ones! Send them in to [email protected] and they could appear on our site.