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‘The dog days of Durango’

Sep 22, 2023Sep 22, 2023

In the dog days of Durango edition on Friday, The Durango Herald and The Journal’s editorial board poked around the edges of the puppy mill swamp, leaving the admonition that City Council had more important things to take care of. Wes Rowell’s “dog required at all times”cartoon humorously illustrated that point. Then there’s the Page 3A photo of Smokey the dog, taking time out from his walk in Santa Rita Park to brush off and wipe down a picnic table, using the warm, moist area under his tail.

Ancient naturalists mistook the cause of hot weather, illness and madness this time of year as the rising of the “dog star” Sirius. Seriously.

The dog poop letter was a welcome return to common sense. Feels like it is starting to cool off a little.

Jerry Zink


Jerry Zink