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36 Amazon Pet Products Our Readers Love So Far In 2023

Aug 04, 2023Aug 04, 2023

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The purrrfect products for your furry friends.

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Promising review: "Bottom line: it removed bright green dog vomit from a light grey carpet after the stain was tackled by a traditional Shout carpet cleaning spray and dried in. The green color is gone after this handy product! I gave the scent 4 out of 5 stars only because it's a bit strong but certainly doesn't smell bad. It's just strong. However, once the product dried, I no longer smelled it." —mumskers

Price: $6.65+ (available in two sizes and also in packs of three and five)

Promising review: "I've tried many different rollers, brushes, and vacuums over the years, and results have been mixed, at best. But when I inherited a white cat somewhere along the way, I needed something that would WORK. I stumbled across this device one day when it was an Amazon deal of the day, and it's been a complete game changer. It doesn't look like much at first, but it's an ingenious concept. The static electricity generated picks up every single hair and piece of lint and fast. It also conditions the fabric of my couch and makes it look brand new. Do you like the lines a vacuum leaves on the carpet? If the answer is yes, you're going to love this. Make sure you follow the instructions, and roll it back and forth vigorously for maximum effect." —George D. Gates

Price: $24.99

Promising review: "Saw this on TikTok and knew my lil nug needed something. It ended up being my cat's favorite. It’s nice where it’s also long and wide since he's on the. The only exception I have is the sticky tape used to secure it; it’s just unable to keep up with all the head rubs. For now, duct tape works on the back of it!" —Mediner

Price: $4.99

Promising review: "I like to keep a clean home that smells fresh and pleasant ... my dog had different ideas. When my couches started to smell like, well ... a wet dog, I turned to Angry Orange. I found it from a YouTube video, and while it may have been a paid endorsement (unconfirmed), this lady convinced me this was the way to go. Boy, was she on point. After the first use, the smell was completely neutralized. After combining it with a deep clean, it's like I have new couches. Would highly recommend it to anyone trying to put the kibosh on annoying pet odors. —Shez G

Price: $15.97

Promising review: "As long as you water your grass daily, you will get grass. And follow the directions. It's a good product. It worked well for me I had a lot of large patchy areas and never took care of my lawn and decided to buy this and start watering and mowing, and only two weeks into it I have new grass growing in my once large patchy dirt areas. I have a ways to go, but this stuff is a great start." — Ryan

Price: $13.10+ (available in five sizes and packs of one, two, four, and six)

Promising review: "The title says it all. I have four dogs, and my new house has carpet (it was stained when we bought it, please be kind, we’re working on it one room at a time). Even with regular vacuuming and shampooing, every carpeted room constantly smells like a wet dog. With about 45 minutes of mild effort, I got this pile of hair out of just ONE roughly 10x20 ft room. I find that both the squeegee and bristle sides get the hair out, and no matter which I start on, I flip halfway through, and it starts digging more out. Works great on tile/linoleum as well, so it’s a great all-purpose broom to have around. If you’re on the fence - get it. You won’t regret your impulse." —DotHound

Price: $16.99

Promising review: "What is this sorcery? I’ve spent hundreds on expensive toys and flashy gadgets to keep our cat active and apparently, all I had to do was buy wire and bunched-up cardboard. Seriously, I have never seen our lazy cat run this much. She’s very picky with her toys, she’s only interested in hiding behind something and pouncing, which gets rid of most options like self-play fuzzy balls or mice. We rely on a string and those cheap feather sticks you buy from pet stores, but this has to be her new favorite way to play. I don’t even have to move it around for her; she found a way to entertain herself with the wire. I’m blown away…cats like the weirdest things." —Anonymous

Price: $3.53

Promising review: "I bought this toy for my senior cat who has nighttime dementia. While I was suspicious because of the price + toy form (it is just a soft shell except for the sound box), she LOVES it. It only purrs for two minutes at a time, but that is usually enough to help her calm down. She often sleeps snuggled up with it and even uses it as a pillow! We haven't had to wash it yet but it will be easy to remove the sound box and toss it in the wash. I don't know how effective it would be for a busy kitten, but it is perfect for this old gal." —Nicole Brown

Price: $6.57 (available in five styles)

Promising review: "This is a great product. I have a 20lb super chewer. He has a vendetta against squeakers and stuffing and does everything he can to break open toys. This duck survived five months (the longest ever)! He plays with it almost daily. Duck survived incessant gnawing and aggressive head shaking, and my husband uses it to play catch. I 100% recommend this toy! Getting another one :)" —R Royce

Price: $7.24

Promising review: "This Pet Hair Remover Glove works wonders on our Lab / Akita mix who sheds so much. The dog prefers it to traditional brushing, and we prefer it because the hair gathers on the glove in an easy-to-peel layer. Using this glove instead of a brush has greatly reduced the amount of hair "drifting" throughout the house or yard while brushing. This gets 5 paws out of 5!" —M. Smith

Price: $7.99

Promising review: "I would struggle with the older style clippers, but these are like magic! Best of all, you can clearly see where you’re cutting to avoid going too short. I wish I'd bought it sooner. For the price, you can’t afford not to try them." —Renee

Price: $7.68

Promising review: "We have an older Maine Coon with IBS (mostly managed with diet) who lays down massive, stenchy turds. It had been a quest of mine to find a litter that worked well for us, and I think we found it! No perfume smell, but it somehow helps mask his poo odors?! Not 100%, but really impressive. Low tracking, low dust, and clumps/easy to clean! I’ve found keeping the litter box pretty full with this litter helps with clean up. Extremely happy with this litter, and the cost works for us too!" —M. Knowlton

Price: $14.39+ (available in 18 and 40-pound options)

Promising Review: "This pad is a life changer for us. We have hardwood floors and two cats, and I constantly have been vacuuming cat litter. The litter box is in the small laundry room, and we’ve placed the large pad so that the cats must walk on it when leaving the box. I literally have no mess at all now, and I’ve had it for about three weeks. The cats don’t mind walking on the pad, and we don't mind picking it up and dumping the collected litter back into the box. Easy-peasy. I wish I had known about this years ago. It’s saving us hours of work, and I enjoy the cats even more now that I don’t constantly see litter on our floors." —Sharon

Price: $14.99+ (available in two sizes and three colors)

Promising review: Within two hours, our cat's coats were softer. The dander was down by 80 percent in just two days. I sprayed it in their brushes and used it a couple of times a day for the first two days. Wonderful." —Randy Parkhurst

Price: $7.33 (also available in a pack of two)

Promising review: We have three cats, and all three have had positive reactions to these Matatabi sticks. The cats love to roll on these and throw them around the room. The cats have been playing and chewing on these for months and the sticks are still holding up. These last so much longer than cat nip and give a much more enjoyable experience. Highly recommended for any cat parent. — Brandon Levesque

Price: $10.21

Promising review: "I've sworn by this toothpaste for my dogs for years. They're obsessed with the flavor; as long as you're slowly introducing teeth brushing to them, you're good to go. This has also greatly helped with their plaque buildup. My oldest will be turning 16 this year, so this is a much safer and cheaper alternative to putting her under anesthesia and getting her teeth cleaned." — Tanya Z

Price: $6.78+ (available in two sizes and two flavors)

Promising review: "BUY THIS POO SCOOP!! This product is HANDS-DOWN the BEST poop scoop I have EVER used!! I cannot believe I am saying this, but it ACTUALLY makes cleaning up after my large dog enjoyable. Holds the bags well, and the scooper/rake makes getting poo out of the grass remarkably easy. The collection bucket is large enough that I can collect several without constantly emptying it.

I do HIGHLY recommend purchasing the bags made by Arm & Hammer for this specific product. I have not tried any other bag with it yet but have used the two that came with the product; they fit perfectly, which keeps poo from getting on the areas you have to touch to remove it." —Chance Gregory

Price: $19.99

Promising review: "I bought another product that had a chemical smell, and my dog absolutely hated it and would run every time I tried putting it on him. So I bought this to try because my Frenchie's nose was really dry, where a piece was bulging out a little, and it’s only been a couple of days, and I've seen a big difference already. It does not have a scent to it and is so easy to apply, and my Frenchie, who is stubborn as hell, would run to me every time I bring it out because he knows I will be applying it on him. Will definitely buy it again! Highly recommend!!" —Tae

Price: $5.95

Promising review: "We have ordered this a few times and will continue to do so in the future. This jumbo bag fits our extra large cat litter box. I put several of them at a time, so it's already there when it's time for a new bag. Just lift the one on top. It is strong, though sometimes my cat manages to scratch the bottom of it and digs tiny holes, but no biggie as the bag underneath it catches it all." —Kelly

Price: $9.84

Promising review: "Seven of my eight inside cats loved these. The only one that nobody was interested in was the sugar lick one. They lost their little kitty minds on the other ones, though. I highly recommend it if your cats like catnip. These also come with two kinds of adhesive to attach to surfaces; one is extra sticky, and the other is less sticky, so I guess you can attach the extra sticky one to things that maybe aren't so important as they may leave a mark when removed or the less sticky ones for walls, etc. —JennaSunshine225

Price: $12.99 (available in two styles)

Promising review: "This thing is magic. I have a dark blue knit fabric couch and a white Great Dane. Before I bought this, NOTHING could get the dog hair off the couch. I tried everything, from expensive pet hair vacuum attachments, dog hair remover brushes, the Chom-Chom, lint rollers, everything. They either didn't remove the hair, or they would pull the knit fabric and cause runs in the couch (and still didn't remove the hair). THIS PRODUCT CHANGED EVERYTHING. It is very course, but it doesn't pull the fabric and actually removes the pet hair! I was about to get rid of the couch because of the pet hair, that's how bad it was, but thanks to this, I can now actually clean my couch." —Amy

Price: $10.77

Promising review: "I was reordering some of my cockapoo’s grooming products and happened to stumble across this little gem. For the price, I thought it would be a good tool in my arsenal. He had tear staining as a pup, but as an adult, he gets that goop in the corner of his inner eyes. Sometimes I don’t catch the goop fast enough, and it hardens in his muzzle. Even when I do, the goop is slimy and difficult to remove, even with dog wipes. This tool is a miracle! Small, lightweight, and a good value for the price. Just one comb through, and I got the sticky wet goop. After a few more comb-throughs, I found eye gunk buried in his muzzle. Most importantly, this comb removed the debris without causing any discomfort to my pooch. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it! Just look at the pictures." —Joanna

Price: $5.95

Promising review: "This little gadget is easy to use and extremely helpful. I work in a healthcare facility, and anyone who has pets at home and wears scrubs knows how much of a hassle it can sometimes be to get the fur off - it's like it straight up glues into the fabric sometimes.

I originally got this so I could deep clean my car from fur and maybe see if it'd help get the fur out of my carpet, but after a while of this, I wondered if it could work if I ran it down some of the clothes that came out of my dryer with fur still attached to them. It seems to work pretty well for it.

It works very well for its intended use, and it was cool to see how much fur was in my carpet after I ran a strip through it." —shocked_pikachu.jpeg

Price: $14.95

Promising review: "My cat has finally stopped clawing at our couch. They're also really discreet, which I appreciate. I have a lift-top chaise with storage underneath, so I cut one of the sheets in half to fit, and it's still holding up after about two months with no signs of coming off. The only thing (and this is probably just my cat) is that she likes to bite the twist pins it comes with. So hasn't gotten them out, but I do discourage her." —Courtney

Price: $14.99+ (available in four sizes)

Promising review: "These are one of the greatest, simplest products I have bought for the house in a long time!!! If you have kids with toys, pets with toys, or hate vacuuming and then finding more dust bunnies hiding under stuff then you need to buy some!!!! I put them under the DVD cabinet, the hutch, and the coffee bar! Super easy to cut to size!" —Brittney Leaman

Price: $13.98+ (available in three sizes)

Promising review: "I bought these because I have seven cats, and one of them is very overweight. I have another one who eats his food too fast and vomits it all up a few minutes later. These fish work great at slowing my cats down. I have four of them right now and spread the canned food on them from head to tail. Two cats can eat from one fish, but you might want to get two if your cats are possessive about their food and won’t share. This was a very good buy!" —SlyBoots

Price: $16.95

Promising review: "I don’t normally write reviews for my dog’s toys, but I felt like I had to for this one — this is the best toy EVER! My dog is truly obsessed, and if he knows this toy is on the other side of a door will stare at it and whine. The noises it makes are a little annoying, so not great if you’re working from home or trying to concentrate, but we give it to him in areas we’re not in or during play sessions, and he loves it. He’s also a chewer and hasn’t tried to chew it at all (and it holds up to his teeth when he carries it). I’ll buy this toy over and over again if it ever breaks." —David D'Amico

Price: $13.04+ (available in three styles and also in a two-pack)

Promising review: "The cats started having allergy problems with litter, so we went through a phase of trying to find a litter they weren't allergic to and would use, leading to some bad litter box habits with the cats, especially the kitten that was learning from watching the grown-ups. I began adding this to the litter every time we added litter, as the can told me. Gradually, the poop and pee spots stopped showing up around the bathroom. They started getting closer to the litter box. Now, if they go outside the litter box, it's directly on the outside of the box, up against the side of the box. (It's a low ledge box because of arthritis, and it's long to allow for more room for using the litter.) When this was spilled on the floor, the kitten immediately peed on the pile, so it obviously works. The cats also are not allergic to it. I'm not allergic to it. And it has no catnip in it, so the cats that get paranoid from catnip don't have a problem." —Mom J.W.

Price: $10.90 (also available in a three-pack)

Promising review: "Within a week of getting this seat cover, it proved to be well worth the money! My pup uses it several times a week for transport to daycare and to and from the dog park, where she INSISTS on nose-diving in the mud puddles and pooped in the car (unfortunately 🤢) on a longer ride. This cover has held up great. It’s waterproof and easy to vacuum, hose down at the car wash, or clean in the washing machine. It’s quick-drying, adjustable, and doesn’t seem to retain smell. Highly recommend! It’s adorable and high quality. Don't mind the sand she recently collected back there." —Hailey

Price: $23.07+ (available in two sizes and six colors)

Promising review: "WOW! I bought two of these because the cats were fighting over one! I love that the support rods are underneath the perch because it does not obstruct their view or ability to jump onto the perch. My cats range in size from 6 lbs to a 17 lb chunk!!! This perch supports all of them with no problem. Two of the cats (combined weight about 21 lbs) will cuddle on it together... no problem! I highly recommend this perch... I've thought about buying a third one!" —Rachael

Price: $21.49+ (available in two sizes and four colors)

Promising review: "This is perfect for our new puppy. I wanted something she could easily drink out of without having to carry a separate bowl around. I tested it out as soon as it came, and it does not leak; the strap is easy to take on and off for washing, and it feels very sturdy. The teal is a pretty shade. The only complaint was from my 8-year-old daughter, who couldn’t believe I didn’t order it in pink since our pup is a girl! I will order another one in pink." —FoxShe

Price: $14.99+ (available in seven colors)

Promising review: "I’m so glad I stumbled upon this because it’s exactly what my cat needed. Whenever we used the sink, he would try to drink the water, so I got this. It didn’t even take any getting used to; he liked it immediately. At first, it was making a loud noise. I was worried it was broken… it wasn’t. I just had to add more water. That’s been working like a dream." —BoutPrime

Price: $25.99 (available in two colors)

Promising review: "This is an amazing cat tree that actually stands quite tall. I’m about 5’1”, and it’s even taller than me! It was a very easy setup and came with everything you needed, and it only took about 15 minutes to build. It’s also true to color and goes well in my living room. It can withstand the weight of my dogs climbing on it, and my cat lying over the edge of the little floating bed. I’ve had it for about two months now and haven’t seen any wear or tear. It gives my cat many places to lay, climb, or hide from the dogs. It’s safe to say he loves it!" —Nivi

Price: $69.01+ (available in six colors)

Promising review: "I bought this as an addition to many other tubes we have for the cats. They love it. At any given time, it is being slept in, played in, or even pushed around the house. Highly recommend to folks with more than one cat. They seem to love stalking each other in the donut and pouncing out the other side. It has also proven remarkedly durable in a house with four very active cats. And for folks with large cats, this has one of the larger internal diameters, so even our giant F1 savannah boy can easily maneuver through it." —KV

Price: $42.99+ (available in four colors)

It's recommended to use crystal cat litter with this specific litter box.

Promising review: "It's so much better than my old automatic letterbox. There's no mess at all, and I haven't touched it to clean since I started using it. I used to have to clean the box even tho constantly it was automatic. The crystal litter is really good and less stressful to deal with, with no dust. I really like this product so far. The only problem is how expensive the refills are. My kitty will take some time to get used to it, though." —Shin

Price: $199.95

Promising review: "This dog pool is so worth it if you have a dog who loves water like mine. The house we are staying in for vacation doesn’t allow dogs in the pool. Our dog loves water, so it’s been tough to keep him out. I ordered this on Amazon and it came within a day and solved our problem! He has a blast splashing around and it has held up to his running, jumping, and digging in it. It was super easy to unfold and set up. Draining should be a breeze since the drain cap is near the bottom of the pool wall. I love how portable it is, and when it’s folded, it’s very compact. The large size was perfect for my 65-lb Berne doodle." —A. Wence

Price: $21.99+ (available even sizes and three colors)

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