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Tesla Serves Up Cybertruck

Sep 12, 2023Sep 12, 2023

Tesla’s Cybertruck-inspired cat box reflects Elon Musk’s penchant for quirky merchandise that both promotes his companies and sometimes courts controversy. Though best known for vehicles and rockets, Musk has ventured into buzz-generating products before, like “S3XY” shorts mocking short-sellers. His Boring Company even sold flamethrowers at one point. Now he’s done it again with the “Cybertruck Multifunctional Corrugated Cat Nest.”

The new cardboard cat bed, available on Tesla’s Chinese website for 89 yuan (about $13), channels the angularity of the highly anticipated and oft-delayed Cybertruck. However, like the truck itself, looks over function—the box is not returnable after assembly. Musk plays up to fans with odd lifestyle goods, though items like Burnt Hair perfume divide opinion. The cat box stirs less debate, though its limited availability means not all felines will have the chance to experience Musk’s latest novelty.