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Fabulosa’s new Dewberry scent has divided opinions with customers

Oct 27, 2023Oct 27, 2023

CLEANING enthusiasts have been left totally divided over Fabulosa's new Dewberry scent, which some reckon reeks of 'cat pee'.

Mrs Hinch's-loved Fabulosa products typically go down a treat amongst fellow cleaning enthusiasts, winning thousands of positive reviews online.

However, one of the latest scents to join the ever-growing family has sparked quite the debate on Facebook, as bargain lovers complained about the smell.

One cleaning fanatic, Tiffany Olszewski, took to the popular B&M Scanner and Other Bargains group on the platform to praise the Antibacterial Multi-Surface Cleaner with Dewberry aroma.

Urging others to not sleep on the new product, Tiffany even wrote in her post: ''Don't walk.''

According to the woman, the scent of this 500ml bottle could be described as ''divine''.

However, whilst some were just as obsessed with the cleaning essential, others left harsh reviews, with one even reckoning it stunk like something rather gross.

''Smells like cat pee as did the bodyshop dewberry perfume [sic].''

Someone else agreed, writing: ''Don't like it.''

''No thanks,'' a third chimed in.

But it wasn't all negative, as heaps of other members of the group were rather fond of the scent and others couldn't wait to get their hands on it.

''Uses to love the body shop fragrance will look out for this! Great share [sic],'' a fan thanked Tiffany for sharing the news.


''Gunna have to get some of this,'' another penned.

''Loved the oil from body shop I'm going to get this,'' a Facebook user appeared to be planning a trip to B&M.

According to Fabulosa, the cleaning spray provides long-lasting freshness around your home, whilst also eliminating nasty odours and leaving a sparkly shine on surfaces.

Cleaning enthusiasts can choose between a wide array of scents, including Lemon Sherbet, Sage & Vanilla, Baby Powder, Bramble Harvest and even Wild Rhubarb.

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