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Beaphar launches pH neutral pet shampoos

Aug 26, 2023Aug 26, 2023

Beaphar UK has launched a new range of pet shampoos.

Specially formulated for pets, the shampoos are pH neutral, contain 0% parabens and are vegan friendly. Containing aloe vera, each shampoo is also enriched with an additional active ingredient to support the skin and coat.

The range consists of four products for dogs, each catering to a specific need – white coat, long coat and puppy, and a universal product for all dog breeds as well as a shampoo specifically for small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.

Beaphar UK marketing manager Claire Edmunds said: “The skin is such an important part of the body, protecting us from bacteria and infections, so keeping it healthy and clean is essential for overall health.

“Our new shampoo range is pH neutral and contains 0% parabens to ensure products don’t irritate the skin. The formulas are also vegan-approved and are packed in recyclable bottles made from 50% recycled PET.”

The 250ml bottles have an RRP of £4.98.