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20 Things From Target To Help Your Pet Enjoy Your Backyard

Jun 09, 2023Jun 09, 2023

We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page.

Because dogs (and cats!) just want to have fun too.

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Promising review: “My dogs destroy every toy we get them and this has got them both beat. New favorite toy for me too.” —clydeandpepper

Price: $17.69

Promising review: “EXCELLENT toy. Only one that our very aggressive-toy-chewing-puppy hasn’t destroyed. It looks good as new compared to her other toys and hasn’t broken off any strings, which is what I was worried about. We just bought the next size up as well!” —Milessam

Price: $1.99

Promising review: “My Boston terrier loves this ball. He’s not exactly a gentle little guy and this ball is well designed and durable. Toys don’t usually keep up with him. We play fetch every day and no issues. Best product ever, next to Chuckit!" —Esmer

Price: $15.29

Promising review: “Our beloved (chunky 30-pound French bulldog/Boston terrier mix) dog loves his new stunning bright red colored bed. It arrived exactly on the promised date and was super easy to assemble. The materials seem durable and easy to clean; overall great craftsmanship. Excellent product for a fair price. I highly recommend it.” —Rose D

Price: $44.99

Promising review: “Wanted a dog bowl that was aesthetically pleasing and this exceeded my expectations! Well worth it for the price and my dog loves it.” —Haley R.

Price: $15.39

Promising review: “This ball is amazing. My dog loves, I’m entertained. It’s fun to play with it at dusk, or even night. It changes direction when it bounces so it’s also engaging for an energetic dog. I also accidentally threw it off my apartment roof, and it survived the seven-story drop. I went down to the street and found a young man playing with it as he walked to dinner. It’s that entertaining y’all.” —DogMomOakland

Price: $5.89

Promising review: “I bought this and another puppy chew bundle pack due for my 8-week-old puppy chewing through everything in sight (pillows, cords, shoes, etc.) and now these are all he will play with and chew on! These have definitely saved my house and everything else at puppy level from further destruction.” —Medusa18

Price: $17.68

Promising review: “My poodle mix absolutely loves these balls! They’re big enough that I know he won’t swallow them and he goes bonkers over the squeaks. He will play fetch all day with these if our arms could handle it. When we’re done, he prances around with one in his mouth, tossing it in the air himself and then chasing after it. I like that they’re bright so we can see them easily in the yard. Sure, he’s able to rip them up after a while, but they are just a tennis ball type toy, so it’s expected. If I didn’t want him to rip them up, I’d give him rocks. They are priced right, so it doesn’t matter if they eventually get a hole.” —MamaG

Price: $9.49

Promising review: “So glad I bought this because I hate picking up a tennis ball that has been in my dog's mouth with my bare hands. Also, the ball that comes with it is very tough, which is great for my dogs because they chew through everything.” —NotoriouslyK

Price: $12.29

Promising review: “We LOVE it, perfect for rainstorms!! Just like a human jacket :) darling design. Our dog is a shih tzu poodle and she is shih tzu size but very fluffy and a bit rounder. A medium will be better for her but the small would have worked. Thank you! So cute.” —Cutting Off Edges

Price: $38+ (available in sizes XS–XXL and in four colors)

Promising review: “This is what our vet recommends, so this is what we've been using for years. Our 80-pound Bernedoodle has super thick curly hair, which causes me concern about the Frontline being effective, as well as ticks hiding under his hair. Let me tell you, the Frontline has no problem getting through that hair. Over the years we've found dozens of ticks dead on Wilson. Will continue to use this, as I'm confident in its effectiveness.” —kmhotvet

Price: $40.99

Promising review: “I have two large dogs who love to play tug-of-war with this thing. I was not hopeful for a long life expectancy from past experience with other toys, but after daily play for over a month, it now has a little tear. It still flies well and one dog is good at catching it, but the tug-of-war is most fun along with 'keep away.' It may still have more good days left, but I am buying two more to have on hand. It is floppy and rubbery, unlike a hard Frisbee. My dogs love it.” —Susita

Price: $11.99

Promising review: “This toy is AMAZING. My 12-month-old, 30-pound golden/German shepherd/pit bull mix has chewed through EVERYTHING. Even the Kong Extreme Bone and other similar toys. She has had this cheap $4 toy now for a week and gnaws on it constantly and not even one mark. Seriously. This one is worth every penny.” —EllaL

Price: $4

Promising review: “These are great. They are multipurpose. We have used them for our dogs and also in the winter to hold our pool cover down.” —ajfiischer

Price: $6.69

Promising review: “I was adopted by a cat lol so I got her a house and some toys and she loves this toy! I hung it up in my 'she-shed' and she instantly went to this toy and couldn’t stop playing with it above all the others. I think I need two now. The stick is durable wood and seems like it will hold up well.” —HK

Price: $3.99

Promising review: “It works great and my dog likes drinking out of it. It will be very convenient for walks/hikes as opposed to collapsible silicone bowls.” —Elaine

Price: $10

Promising review: “Love that these are fragrance-free, less irritating. These are great for wiping paws, messy faces after meals, and the occasional butt. My cats don’t mind these at all.” —Anonymous

Price: $6.99

Promising review: “Finally! A wipe that is gentle and actually removes dark tear and saliva stains on my all white, senior, Bichon frise! I bought the lavender scented wipes, and they did not irritate my dog's eyes, even removing stains on the inner corners of his eyes where irritation would occur. These worked extremely well with very dark stains on the very first use. The fragrance smells like natural lavender, and it is mild, it did not bother my little guy even working very close to the eye and nose. I hope they never discontinue these, I'll never purchase another brand again. This is the first wipe that actually works to keep his face clean and fresh smelling, and they work well! Don't hesitate to buy, they're worth every penny! Snuggling with my little guy is again a pleasant experience for us both, and he is a much happier pup with a truly clean face! The first few sheets out of the pack tear — no big deal, you can still use them, just pull them out slowly and tearing is minimal — at least they fill the pack all the way!” —SHOPPIN SHERRI

Price: $9.99

Promising review: “It’s amazing how long this toy has lasted. True to its name. It’s been a few months of pretty aggressive playtime/tugging with my heeler, and he only recently detected a loose thread on the inside of one of the rings which he’s started to pick at some. Do yourself a favor and spend more money on one toy that lasts instead of several that don’t! Just wish they made smaller ones for my littlest — the width of the toy where they bite is around 2 inches!” —Katelyn

Price: $20.99

Promising review: “This bowl is easy to travel with, it connects to my husband's and my hiking backpack and is still versatile enough to just have on us to feed him when he’s out and about with us and durable enough that my German shepherd doesn’t knock it over.” —Kitty

Price: $9.49

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